In the past 4 years of owning an online business and teaching, I have noticed marvelous consistent patterns in what gets people stuck (and hangs ‘em up). The biggest of them is your website. It can be a website for your personal brand/blog/etc. (like or a website aimed at selling stuffs online such as a course, products, books, etc. (like Jumia, Konga, TheRiseToTheTop).

At the end of the day, your website can’t be something you want to do half-heartedly. It can’t look like crap. (Yes. LOOKS matter a lot).

Your website is your BIG FLAG planted into the ground on the internet.

Most times, it’s people’s first ding of you.

Your website is where you tell the world what you stand for and what you are all about.

It’s a key field where you can build your email list and create awesome contents.

It is where people read your articles, buy your products, and hire you for a service you’re offering

…and much more.

When it comes to building your website, you mainly have two options in actually getting the darn thing done rightly. You either do it yourself or you pay someone to do it for you.

Everyone is a little different (depending on money and time) but if you are more of someone who wants a professional “thingy”, then this article is directed at you.

Meaning, you don’t want to deal with the coding, clicking, (and all that crappy kinds of stuff that website designers do). You want someone to build your website for you, mostly at a very low cost.

You need an expert to do it for you and this expert need to have a few qualities

  1. Someone you can trust (that is everything!) who won’t charge you the craziest fees you of all time.
  2. Someone that understands online business/marketing/content building AND beautiful design. You just don’t want a nice-looking website that does nothing for you or a fantastic ugly website that leaves a horrible impression of your brand/business/blog.
  3. Someone that doesn’t have too many beards. *Wink

Wrapped up into one reasonable person is Michael Nzeribe: Mic Nz


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  2. That’s it! My packages start for as low as $150 (if this is out of your range, then contact us let’s talk about it)
  3. Hi, Bottom skipper/thorough-reader. If you need a new website done (or re-done), make sure to read this article J