Making Money in this Dynamic Era

Making Money in this Dynamic Era

How can I become rich?

This is a question people ask every day. Just in case you don’t know, we are 7.6 Billion People in the world and population growth won’t stop anytime soon.

World population has been projected to increase by 1 Billion more in the next ten years.

  • Millions of people wake up daily to go about their daily work, and hustle to become rich.
  • Millions are doing/planning to do bad things to become rich.
  • Millions are fighting their way into government positions such as senates, governors, ambassadors, etc. just to be rich.
  • Millions are in school today to find that “secret formula” of becoming rich.


The question you should ask yourself right now is “How can I stand out (become rich) from these 7.6 billion people currently sharing oxygen with me?”




Let me explain using a soccer analogy

This image shows a perfectly leveled field.


  • Which team will win the match?
    • We all know it’s obviously the team with the best
    • Team with the best
    • The team that is stronger, plays faster than their opponent and works hard in pieces of training.

Whether you agree or not, a team consisting of very good professional players will always win over a small secondary school team. You can argue with bet9ja if you disagree though.

And you know what? Millions are still going to school today to master the art of becoming a “professional” football player.


How about this soccer pitch

Which team will win here? This is not a fair game anymore right?

In the world of business, they call it DISRUPTION!

The team on the right now have to go uphill in order to score a goal, while the team on the left just have to make little effort and their opponent’s net will be shaking ‘vigorously’.

What am I trying to explain here?

The WORLD has evolved. The ECONOMY is no longer the way it used to be when we were little.

It would be difficult for you to be wealthy if you still play as normal “football player”.

Learning walks with understanding, and to understand the new “soccer” rules, you have to learn it first.

Learn the new rules of the DIGITAL ERA. Accept the changes happening around you, and develop a new mindset towards things.

Let me explain further 

Hard work doesn’t translate to wealth anymore. LEVERAGE does.

  • Leverage other people’s time.
  • Leverage other people’s talents.
  • Leverage other people’s money.
  • Leverage other people’s accessible tools.

This is the digital age – New game! New rules! New economy!

  • The way wealth is being created has changed. I wasn’t born in the agrarian time age, but research shows that wealth instigated from nature.
  • In the age of information, wealth was coined from Knowledge &

To be rich and wealthy, you must be willing to learn the new rules, understand how the game is played, and most importantly – play the game!   


Choosing The Right Niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2019

Choosing The Right Niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2019

Choosing the right niche is the first step to setting up a successful affiliate marketing business. Click To Tweet

Choosing the right niche by hubmic

Most often, you listen as people talk about affiliate marketing and you begin to assume that is an easy way of earning passive income.

“I can sit on my couch all day while I watch the revenue from affiliate marketing pour in!”

This is the dream of every internet marketer: Making money even while you sleep. We can call it the Bill Gates ‘Syndrome’.

However, who wouldn’t want to earn money even while they are sleeping?

So, the other day one of my college friends reached out to me and was like, “Hiiiii! I need your assistance! I am trying to set-up an online business; affiliate marketing to be precise but I don’t have any idea on what to do and you are the first person that I instantly thought of”.

Whenever I log in Facebook, I see hordes of amazing folks getting on board with this whole affiliate marketing thang, but lack ideas on where/how the **** to commence. (That word was obviously a duck.)

One of the primary problems encountered in affiliate marketing is choosing the right niche. Many internet marketers who hop into affiliate marketing are doing so with the hope of making quite easy money without actually operating or owning the business that offers the product.

It sounds ‘nice’ and ‘incredible’ right? All you need do is mention some products and hyperlink your unique affiliate link to the product.

Then, you use your knowledge on inbound marketing to drive more sales and visitors to the website where your affiliate link and the money starts reeling in.

So instead of making good research on what niche to invest time and energy on, most of my homies have been compelled to figure it out on their own. However, they don’t know what to do at the start, middle, and end of setting up an affiliate business that would let them relax and watch the money roll in. Then they get overwhelmed. In addition, they throw in the towel. Then they starve and possibly go bankrupt too. AND BASICALLY, THESE are ALL MY FAULT.

Muahahaha… I was just kidding about the starving and bankruptcy stuff but I hope you get the point.

The truth is, it’s not easy. Most of these affiliate programs don’t yield enough gains for an internet marketer to sit back and relax.

To start a successful affiliate marketing, you have to choose the right niche. One thing you should bear in mind is, choosing the right niche is not difficult as you may think and it is the most important part when setting up your affiliate marketing business.

Many big platforms will tell you making sufficient income from affiliate marketing is hard but honestly, it isn’t only if you dip into the right niche.

Thankfully, there are still untapped niche-affiliate fields out there that you can invest your time and energy in, for unequaled success. I have found a few of them, which you’re going to see and also learn how to find more by yourself without anyone’s help.

At this point, we would want to believe you already know what affiliate marketing is, but if you don’t, here’s an overview of what affiliate marketing is.

What is Affiliate Marketing all about?

Pat Flynn’s definition of affiliate marketing is my favorite. According to him, “Affiliate marketing is simply the process of earning commissions by promoting products and services sold by other companies (or people). All you need to do is pick a product you like, promote it to potential buyers, and earn a certain percentage from the profit made from selling the product you promoted.”

Affiliate marketing involves multiple individuals grouped into three parts: The advertiser, publisher, and the consumer.

Now that you have learned what affiliate marketing is, let’s head straight to choosing the right niche that may end up being profitable for you as an internet marketer.

Picking the Right Affiliate Niche

Ideally, affiliate marketing can be set up on all blogging niches but not all niches are profitable. Let’s keep our focus on promoting digital products and services.

Why? Because they are easier to promote and you could make a lot of money from them as they are in huge demand day by day. If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, picking the right niche that involves promoting digital products is okay as you can get publishers offering handsome rewards to keep you motivated for marketing their products.

Digital products are not the only niche you could tap into but as a beginner in internet marketing, it is one of the most recommended.

Selecting the Right Audience

But, for you to make money promoting a product, your web audience needs to be interested in what you offer. Click To Tweet

Take for example; if you operate a fashion blog, you stand a chance of making more sales promoting wears from Walmart. Similarly, if you run a tech blog, you could make more commissions promoting tech devices such as phones, computers and other tech-related kinds of stuff.

You’re making more sales because you are promoting products that are much more related to your blog purpose.

Now, don’t expect to make many sales by promoting wedding gowns on a tech blog or promoting web hosting services, phones, or house on a fashion blog. You need to run a blog that will attract the audience that will most probably be interested in what you may have to promote.

Some Samples of Niches/Products to Promote in 2019

If you are going to blog about blogging tips, ideas, and guides, or wishes to blog about website design, you could become an affiliate marketer and promote digital products such web hosting packages, online courses, electronic books, SEO software, website themes, and plugins.

There are handfuls of profitable niches you could pick and make money from them. Specifically, we will not pinpoint what niche it is exactly as almost everything regarding affiliate marketing is experimental but we will teach you how to identify a profitable niche all by yourself without a single doubt if you are choosing the right niche or not.

Sooooo – this time we’re doing something quite different. Instead of leaving Y’all hangin’ which makes us picture something very dirty – we’ve made the conscientious and thoughtful resolution to teach you how to find good niches all by yourself before hopping into affiliate marketing.

You should read our next posts if you:
  • Have no idea on how to get started with picking the right niche for affiliate marketing.
  • What product to promote
  • How to promote these products
  • If you really want to be in control of your schedule
  • Want to be using the computer and internet connection… You sure know how to use a computer right?

I really do believe that success in affiliate marketing is dependent on the niche that you select at the start of your affiliate marketing business – and you know it takes a lot for me to believe in anything especially God.

Selecting the right niche is the Big G of affiliate marketing, and I am so serious about this. (This cannot be taught better. Not even if I added a couple of swear words. Our next post on “detailed guide on how to find a profitable niche in affiliate marketing” is exactly what beginners in internet marketing business need.)

5 Common Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

5 Common Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

The best tool in the toolbox of top business organizations is the Mobile App. Why? It is a tool which helps businesses to enlighten, inform, and interact with their users, customers, and potential customers. Mobile Apps even go as far as aiding businesses win the loyalties of their customers.

Even small and medium scale businesses now opt to own a Mobile App; whether iOS, Android, Windows etc. Hence it is essential you acquaint yourself with the knowledge of the 5 most used programming languages used by developers all around the world in Mobile App development.

Business owners and Mobile App developers will find this knowledge useful so as you go into contract with your client or Mobile App developer, you won’t be lost when one or more of these languages are mentioned. Click To Tweet

Long story cut short. Here are the 5 most used, effective Mobile App development languages used worldwide:-

  1. C++ – When it comes to building a well-performing Mobile App for Windows or Android platform, C++ comes to mind as it is the top most programming language ruling the world of programming and development.
  2. Java – java has become incredibly popular too due to it’s diverse application properties, and object-oriented nature. Java can be run either in a virtual machine without a browser or in a browser window. It can actually be run both ways. Little wonder Mobile App developers make Java their first choice of programming language.
  3. HTML5 – Are you responsible for justifying variable screen sizes or seeking a way to insert multiple data types while developing a Mobile App? HTML5 should be the first option on your list of preferred programming languages. Plus, HTML5 is a time-saving and cost-efficient programming language.
  4. Swift – Speaking of code used of writing Cocoa, the most recent APIs from Apple Inc., and Cocoa Touch – Swift is the code. Swift is designed to support the framework of Objective-C. The language is gradually gaining popularity due to it’s functionality.
  5. Objective-C – Objective-C is the first and best choice of programming language for individuals and companies wishing to own an iOS Mobile App. Being the chief programming language for iPads and iPhones. If you’re seeking to build a scalable and robust iOS Mobile App, Objective-C is the most reliable programming language to use. Another advantage of using Objective-C is that; it syncs completely with all MacOS and iOS mobile and web frameworks.

If all these sounds Latin to you, then you simply need to contact a developer to assist in simplifying things for you…



Top 9 Most Profitable Products to Sell Online – 2019

Top 9 Most Profitable Products to Sell Online – 2019

If you’re Interested in Ecommerce or “mini importation” as we call it here, you should pay attention to every details in this piece I have written. In this post, I will talk about 9 products that will make you hundreds of thousands, and most probably, turn you into a millionaire by 2019.

I’m not going to bore you with fluffs hence it’s necessary you read this to the end.

Alright, let’s do this.

So here’s how it’s going to go:

  • I’ll give some helpful tips & insights about choosing products that will be profitable for anyone venturing into Ecommerce.
  • I will proceed to list the 9 products that are most profitable for Ecommerce store owners by 2019.
  • Next I will explain how to sell these hot products online.
  • Finally, I will take questions from anyone via the comment section.


Helpful Tips on Choosing Profitable Products to Import

First of all, you have to understand that e-commerce is a business of margins. >Tweet This

You’re playing a game of arbitrage. You buy products at a low price and you sell higher than you bought. Now here’s where people make a BIG mistake.

It’s not simply about merely buying low and selling high. If only it were that easy, right? It’s about buying low, and selling HIGH ENOUGH that you make a profit AFTER DEDUCTING YOUR COSTS.

There are a lot of costs when it comes to e-commerce. > Tweet This

Here they are:

  1. Buying the goods from the factory.
  2. Shipping to Nigeria and clearing (you pay the shippers for both, at once).
  3. Advertising the products on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and even paying social media influencers (not those fake INFLUENCERS who only know how to trend hashtags).
  4. Shipping the product to the buyer.

All of the above are costs, so you MUST make sure that whatever product you choose to import MUST be able to turn a profit after costs. Feel me?

You need to do the math FIRST. That’s what I’ve spent most of today doing with the products I’ll share with you all shortly.

If you don’t, you will lose money. End of story.


Here’s an example:

So let’s say, you find a product and it costs $10 per unit. Assuming it’s a wrists watch (this is just an example). That’s N 3700. You ship and clear it for say N 1000. Then you spend N 1000 on advertising the product in order to sell it. And you spend N 1500 to ship it to the buyer.

Let’s say you sold the watch for N 7,500.  So your cost is: N 7,200. And your profit is quite tiny. About N 300 per watch.

I don’t know about you but my calculator says if you want to make N 100,000 that month, you’ll need to sell up 300 watches at least.  If you want to make N 1 million, you’ll need to sell 3,330. How possible is this??

You bought low, and sold high but your math was short of the goal.


Here’s a Better Way to Approach It:

You need products that you can get at least a 200% mark up on.

Here’s what that means – If I buy a product for $5, I should be able to sell it for $20 at the very least. The more the merrier. *wink

You need products that can command high prices (4x, 6x, 10x, even 50x the buy price) and don’t add to your cost.

Things to avoid while importing products for sell in 2019

A lot of awful things can add to your cost in e-commerce business.>Tweet this

Things like:

  1. Weight: Avoid overly heavy products. Each extra Kilogram per unit of your products’ weight adds to your shipping cost from the manufacturer and to the buyer. Weight is bad in e-commerce. Avoid it.
  2. Fragile: Avoid anything that is too fragile. To save cost, you’ll probably be not paying for insurance, so don’t complicate matters. For examples, I won’t be selling drinking glasses anytime soon, but I could sell sunglasses. If you can choose between your products being in a plastic and glass bottle, always go with the plastic option. There are other options but this will suffice.
  • Payment: Don’t forget, when purchasing your products, always use the available payment options on the platforms. Don’t send money direct via PayPal or Western Union. This is in rare cases where there is a dispute and you received defective products, you can report and get your money back.


9 selected products that are most profitable for Ecommerce store owners by 2019

Alright. Let’s get into the products now. (I’m not using any affiliate link).

These are evergreen products that will sell all day, every day, morning till night, Monday to Sunday.

  1. Teeth Whitening: Check out this product and this other teeth whitening product. You can sell the teeth whitening products for about N 9k or N 10k per kit.
  2. Male Enhancement: Increase/Enlargement/Sex Time Delay. This can sell this product for N 10k to N 25k per product.
  3. Eye “Bag” cream: Cream to remove eye bags and eye stress. You can check this product.
  4. Hair Loss: These products can help it’s users grow back their hair. You can check this hair loss product or a Labena hair loss product.
  5. Child GPS Tracker: Would any parent spend N 15k to put a safety device on their kid? Yes they will. Check this product
  6. Watches: When I started importation, watches were the first product I made money with. You can check out this Men Sports Watches, Quartz Minimal OEM Custom Men Watch, or this Hotselling Sport GPS Smart watch.
  7. Pheromones/Aphrodisiacs: Sell this to women. It will sell easily for N Check out this product or best still, peruse these products displayed from this search.
  8. Essentials Oil: This product helps promote sleep. Can comfortably sell off at N Check it here.
  9. Stretch Mark, Scars Cleansers: Sell this to women above 40 and make a killing profit from it. I can’t even name a suggestive price because they will buy at any price. They’re plenty of such women on Instagram and Matured Facebook groups. You may check out this product or this other product for a start.


The 10th and 11th products I wanted to add to these are actually ingestible (they need to be swallowed). I am reluctant to share them as I don’t want anyone making a mistake and importing something that is not genuine. I haven’t used them myself so can’t vouch for them. Let’s leave those ones, shall we? Don’t ask me about them. Thank you, thank you.

Let’s move on.

How to sell these products

Use social media platforms to sell your products.

– Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Social Media Influencers, etc.

PLEASE do not make claims on Facebook Ads. If you do, you will get banned. Instead of saying, “Erase Your Wrinkle in 7 Days!”.

No! No! No! Say “How to remove wrinkles from your face

Don’t worry, if anyone has wrinkles, they’ll still click through and read it.


Instead of saying: “Stop Your Hair from Falling out in 10 Days with This Magic Cream!” say: “This is why your hair is falling out (AND how to stop it)“.

To sell successfully online, you need to master copywriting. >Tweet This

It’s pretty easy to get a hang of copywriting. Read this article. Then download and read this eBook.

I hope this has helped.


If you haven’t, please follow me now:

LinkedIn – Michael Nzeribe

Twitter – Hubmic_

Instagram – @mic_nz_

Facebook – Michael Nzeribe


You can ask questions via the comment section and I will answer them.

To sell more Fiverr Gigs, you have to think like a Buyer – Here’s How & Why

To sell more Fiverr Gigs, you have to think like a Buyer – Here’s How & Why

Expert skills require easy explanations. Click To TweetNobody knows and understands your business as you do, and this can pose a little problem for most Fiverr sellers! It is very easy to get stuck in your head and create a Fiverr gig page and a Fiverr seller profile that makes perfect sense to you, but which may not be enticing to potential buyers.

Taking a break to view your Fiverr profile from the buyers’ eyes can efficiently help you improve the feel and view of your Fiverr profile and services and can help boost your sales.

Here are a few ways you could polish your Fiverr profile and Fiverr gig page with a buyers’ eye-view.

Simple is Better

Expert skills require easy explanations.

Take a look at your Fiverr Gig description: It makes perfect sense to someone in your field, right? How about to somebody without any ‘pinch’ of experience at all in your industry?

If your Fiverr Gig description cannot be easily understood by someone who is not in your line of work, then you have succeeded in alienating most of your potential customers away from your Fiverr service.

If you don’t know how to break your Fiverr Gig description into clear simpler terms, imagine how you would explain your Fiverr Gig service to a friend or relative who has no understanding of the type of work you do.

Then proceed to write your Fiverr Gig description in clear, simple language that anyone – especially potential clients – can understand.

The Buyer’s Eyes

Approach your Fiverr profile from a different perspective. Click To Tweet

Think about the last time you searched for a service online or even offline. Maybe you were seeking for Plumber, Hairdresser, Freelance Writer, Freelance Graphic designer, or girlfriend maybe – Just kidding – anything really.

When you finally found one, what caught your attention and made you pick them?

Was it the service provider’s qualifications that swept you off your feet? A well-shot photo of them? Or a succinct and thoughtful description of the provider’s philosophy made all the difference?

Relax. Think of the features you seek for when you search for a new person to hire for your task and ensure your Fiverr profile and Fiverr Gig page includes those essential features.

Your portfolio; is it ‘Picture Perfect’?

Is your portfolio convincing enough? Click To Tweet

A buyer surfing through your portfolio or requesting for samples of works previously done by you is trying to complete the puzzle of knowing whom you are, what type of service you provide and what to expect if they eventually pick you for their project. Is your portfolio perfectly representing your style and capabilities? If it’s not, then it’s time for a refresh.

Complementary Fiverr Gig Extras

Your extras should be harmonizing. Click To Tweet

Offering Gig Extras on your Fiverr Gig page is one of the coolest ways that a Fiverr seller can increase their income and have happier clients.

However, the best Gig Extras are the ones that make the utmost sense for your particular Gig.

Are the Extras that you’re proposing beneficial add-ons to the Gig that you’re selling? Ideally, an Extra should offer your clients an irresistible add-on to the basic Gig, something that makes the offering feel like a more ample service that will provide the Buyer extra quality, convenience, or customization.

Go through your Fiverr Gig extras and be certain they are options that enhance the buyers’ purchase, rather than a detached and separate product.

In Conclusion

Once you get out of your own head and into the mind of a buyer, you can craft a Fiverr profile and Fiverr Gig page that appeals directly to your potential clients. Click To Tweet

When you address the issues that concern buyers most and present your service in a way that they can relate to, they’re more likely to understand who you are and what you offer that is different and distinctive. So take a moment to comb through your Fiverr Gig pages from a buyer’s viewpoint and see how best you can communicate – in their languages – why they should pick you to do their work.

Don’t Be Normal – Get Complete Guide on Creating a Functional Fiverr Gig. (Video Guide Included in Link below)

Do you know what’s fucked up? You just have to be normal to do this. Oops. Click To Tweet

*Links included in this article may be our affiliate links. That’s how we earn. Help us too…

Hey King, I understand you love videos more; I got this – don’t expect the Instagram experience – but hey! You will love it.

Uhm, are you planning to watch this video without a bowl of popcorn in hand? Gosh…


Gig Create: Step 5 (Gallery) from Fiverr on Vimeo.


Your Gig is actually the service you offer on Fiverr. Creating a Fiverr Gig is an opportunity to show off your skills and provide potential clients with all the necessary information they need to help them decide whether to do business with you or not.

How to Create a Fiverr Gig

After you log in to your Fiverr account, click Selling. Then select “Gigs” from the menu options.


Note: If this is your first time of creating a Fiverr Gig, then you will need to click Selling >> Start Selling; Then you proceed to fill out your Fiverr seller profile, and then move forward to creating your Gig.

Step 1: Overview

  1. In the Fiverr Gig title, write a Gig title that is short, clear, and straight to point. Maximum characters allowed is 80.
  2. In the Category section, ensure you select the appropriate category and sub-category for your Fiverr Gig. The category cannot be changed once your Gig is modified.

*Fiverr will suggest appropriate categories and sub-categories for you as you finish typing in your Gig title

  1. In the Service Type drop-down menu on the Gig creation page, pick a service type to make sure your Gig appears in search results related to the category of services you selected. This feature is not available for all categories.
  2. In the Search Tag field, you can add up to five (5) phrases/terms that best describes your service. Take for example, If you are a graphic designer, you can use terms such as “Graphic design, Logo design, business card, design”, etc.
  3. Click on “Save & Continue”.

Continue Reading>