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Making Money in this Dynamic Era

How can I become rich? This is a question people ask every day. Just in case you don’t know, we are 7.6 Billion People in the world and population growth won’t stop anytime soon. World population has been projected to increase by 1 Billion more in the next ten years....

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Website Design by Mike

In the past 4 years of owning an online business and teaching, I have noticed marvelous consistent patterns in what gets people stuck (and hangs ‘em up). The biggest of them is your website. It can be a website for your personal brand/blog/etc. (like hubmic.co) or a...

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How I Got My Google AdSense Approved

Hello, it’s a nice day over here. Since I got my AdSense approved and posted the news on Facebook and WhatsApp status I have been getting multiple calls and messages asking if my AdSense account was for sale, some were asking how I got my AdSense account approved,...

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