Top 9 reasons why people buy anything

As a copywriter, you must understand why people buy.

90% of the time, people buy from emotions and justify with logic. Click To Tweet

People buy from the subconscious. You must know how to pull the trigger of emotions.

  1. Fear:

The fear of losing out on a good deal. The fear of falling sick. The fear of going broke. Most persons buy out of the fear of the unknown.

  1. The desire to be known or recognized.

Why do people pay so much for an apple phone? Simple, they want to be known or recognized. One of the major propelling factors of human nature is the desire to stand out, to be admired. Luxury products sell on this. If you have a product or service that makes people stand out, they will buy.

  1. People buy out of love.

Birthday gifts. Wedding gifts. First time lover. People are always buying out of love. 

       4. For Comfort.

people buy because they want to feel comfortable. Whatever will make them comfortable or stress-free. comfortable cars, comfortable sofas… name them.

  1. For Self-improvement.

people buy books, training or courses to become better. You only sign up for a gym because you want to be or look better.

  1. The desire for power.

People buy to feel powerful or in control. People like to tell others what to do. They want to feel like God

  1. Necessities of life

People need food, water, clothes, shelter. More recently, people need gadgets and the internet. Whatever is a necessity always has a market.

  1. Addiction

People will always buy when they are addicted or fond of something. Game addicts, fashion freaks. name them. They all buy because they can’t do without it.

  1. To make a difference.

people want to be significant. People want to leave a name on the sands of time, they want to be influential. Bill Gates is fighting polio and doing other charitable works to make a difference.

Ten ingredients that are necessary for every marketing soup (copy)

You see, writing a copy is a soup and you must put ingredients. Salt, pepper, magi. You need them in Copywriting too

This is a step by step guide and you can use it to start advertising anything from today.

  1. Craft a powerful heading

Your heading must be attention grabbing! It just has to be. You see, people are always busy and exposed to lots of content daily. Your ability to steal their attention is what makes you a great copywriter.

Your heading should be short and precise. don’t try explaining the product or service there. Just hold the person down to read your copy first.


“throw your phone in the trash can if it has not made you money this week ”

“how much will pay for a drink that will never let you die”.

Finally Revealed!/How any dummy can make money writing online.

You can also make it in question form.

How to…

The secrets of…

Who else wants to…


  1. Your first sentence must create intrigue too

When you raise the bar in your heading, your first sentence must carry the same kind of fire and keep them reading on.

See an example.

If I can show you how to double your income by giving me 30 minutes of your time a month, will you like to learn more? ­

I am writing to you because it is a matter of public record that you are having financial problems and I think I have a way to help you.


  1. If you are selling fire extinguishers, show the fire

Show the problem as explicit and clear as possible. people want to know that you understand what they are passing through and you know the terms.

People are very sensitive when it comes to parting with their money, immediately they sense you are writing for the money, zoom, off they go.

You have to explain their problem clearly to them and position yourself as a solution to their problems.


  1. Describe your benefit in detail.

Mention all the benefits they will get but focus on the most important one and explain that one benefit in detail.

Tell them how your product will solve their problems and how you are the next best thing after God and air.

You can mention a few features here. Remember how we said, features are different from benefits. First, start with the benefits before getting to the features.

The benefit of a fire extinguisher is that it will protect a family from loss, the feature is that it comes preloaded and can be put on in seconds.

A feature is *what it is. *

A benefit is what it does


  1. Tell them exactly what they will get from the product.

You can then focus on one important benefit and tell a story around it.

Let them know exactly what they stand to benefit from getting your product.


  1. Tell them the bad thing that will happen if they don’t buy your product now.

Still using our example: We have just 3 fire extinguishers left and we might not get this type till 3 months’ time. I encourage you to make this order now by calling.

We have just 5 limited spots and this training will not hold till next year.

There has to be a sense of urgency.


  1. Include testimonies.

Most times, people tend to be sell proof. Anything you say will be met with skepticism, no matter how compelling your story might be. You need third party testimonies ESPECIALLY from famous and well-respected people.

Eliminate all objections they may have in their mind.

One way I do this too is through FAQs

Use FAQs to answer the fears you think they will have in their mind. 😎


  1. Summarize your offer again.

Rephrase the benefit again. people want to be told things again and again. Remind them what you said the product will do for them again.


  1. Include money back guarantee

People love guarantees. Give it to them.

if the product does not work as I have said, return it and I will give you all of your money.

In one of my copies, I wrote that if after the training, you don’t get ten times the value of your money, tell me and I will give you your money back and add N1,000 to it.

Be moderate though, some people might want to take advantage of this.


  1. Add a call to action.

Tell them to take action now. There has to be a call to action, make payment, call now, subscribe now. they have to do something immediately.

People love to be told what to do. Make them take action or else, the procrastination side will come out and swallow your money.

That’s it…That’s how you write a copy.

But you need to get clients. That’s where freelancing comes in. I…

That will be all.

I hope someone was blessed.