Writing for the Modern Digital Space – 10 Simple Tips to Note

Writing for the Modern Digital Space – 10 Simple Tips to Note

The content writing is today one of the most important for the success of any digital project elements.

Through them, we intend to connect and create links with our potential customers, whether they are an end-user (B2C) or if they are responsible for purchasing a company (B2B).

Are you interested in having quality content on your website?

When one of them reaches one of our contents, they must be captivating enough to seduce them and be interested in our products and services. It is crucial because, perhaps, we have no other chance to meet him. And we will have lost forever the opportunity to close a sale.

We do not want this to happen to you and that is why we are going to give you 10 tips oriented to 2 types of content writing:

  • For social networks.
  • For the blog

Content Writing

Tips for writing content from social networks

Social networks are an excellent way to bring visits to your website. It is a place where the conversation with your followers and your proximity as a brand, are keys for this to happen.

And more now, we know that the algorithms behind them reduce the scope of our publications and complicate getting new followers or fans.

Get the engagement you need with these tips:

1. Create a content calendar and publish regularly

Before you start writing content it is important that you define two types of calendars:

1.  Editorial calendar: in it, you have to define what days of the week you are going to publish and what time is the best to do it. It is especially interesting that you do it if you work more than one social network.

2.  Calendar of contents: this is where you decide the topics that you are going to deal with each of those days that you publish. For example, Monday is the “did you know…” day, “informal publication” on Friday.

2. Set goals for each of the posts you make

Content writing for social networks needs meaning. And, if you want your pages or company profiles to succeed, you should aspire to the maximum with each of them.

So, think before you write what you want to achieve. Entertain your audience, learn something, move them?

3. Make a good content cure

You don’t like your followers or fans to grow up? Think one thing, if you publish the same thing on all social networks, why will they follow you on all? If they do it in one enough, don’t you think?

And one more thing. How many publications do you see in which the copy (the text) is copied from the title of the post they are spreading? We may. Does this add value to your followers? Be creative and add your knowledge when you write content for social networks.

4. Adapt the tone to each social network

The community of followers you have in each social network is not the same. Expect different things from your brand as you move in one or the other. For example, LinkedIn users have nothing to do with more formalities, with Facebook users, more playful.

Therefore, it adapts the content writing to each moment, to each network.

5. Generate expectation

Do not show all your letters in your publications and let them know that the best is in the content you are sharing. Try to generate interest and arouse curiosity so that your followers want to know more about what you are talking about and perform the action you propose.

Tips for writing blog content

We live in an era in which information has become intoxication.  Blogs proliferate and we receive so much that we are not able to process it.

Therefore, writing quality content on your blog helps you stand out from your competition.

Achieve it by implementing these tips:

6. Decide the subject of the post

It seems obvious, right? Yes, but we have some detail to give you because it is not worth writing anything.

The corporate blog is a fantastic way to show your know-how. That is why it is recommended that you write about a subject that you know and master.

Your current and potential customers are able to appreciate your experience and you will notice their reward in improving the metrics of your website.

7. Structure of the post

Before you start writing the content, think about how you are going to structure the post.

Surely you know that we scan the contents, rather than read them. And that, if a post does not hook you in the first paragraph, you will not continue reading.

Given these two variables, write the main idea at the beginning. This paragraph, and perhaps some more, will serve as an introduction for the rest of the post.

Then you will have to define subtitles so that reading is easier. With them, you get the attention of the user that scans. Take care of them a lot because if they are attractive you will continue reading your post.

8. Create valuable content

Valuable content is one that is useful and practical for those who read it. Do not fall into the error of writing posts talking about your company. That does not interest who visits you.

If you have a new product, do not describe it. Write about how your client benefits from it. What interests you!

9. Use simple content writing

You probably write on a desktop computer, but the users who read on your smartphone already exceed 50%.

Therefore, use short sentences and paragraphs. Facilitate reading.

You should also keep in mind that not everyone who reads you knows the subject as well as you do. Therefore, when you write a post use simple and easy to understand words.

10. Optimize the post for search engines (SEO)

Writing a good post can take hours of writing. Wouldn’t you like to see it well positioned in Google after that effort?

We know that this part is more technical, but it is very important for a blog. When we work on content writing we have to like users, but also Google.

That’s why you have to use:

  • Keywords that are searched by your potential clients. The headingsH1, H2, H3, etc., are also part of the SEO for content.
  • The images should not be heavy, but quality. Don’t forget to fill in your alt attributes.
  • Very important the title. How many times have you clicked on a result because its title was attractive? Subtitles also deserve special attention.
  • A final point that we want to mention is that you use internal links so that your users can go from one content to another, within your website. But it also uses external ones to other blogs, to expand information or clarify concepts.

Before you start reading this post you might think that writing for social networks or for the blog was a relatively easy task. Maybe now you don’t have that idea.

And, the truth is that this task is professionalized in digital marketing and social media.

But we do not want to discourage you and, if you dedicate time and deepen the aspects we have talked about, surely you will be able to carry out a good digital content writing in a while.

In the meantime, if you need support or have doubts, we are happy to help you

If I were an internet guru, “5X your income” would be the subject of this post

If I were an internet guru, “5X your income” would be the subject of this post

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🎉And I take this so very much for granted.

🎉It is an incredible gift, being able to work remotely.

🎉But more than that, I am so grateful for online business, despite hating the term, because it allows any and all of us to *create.

🎉The Internet does not prejudice you, or tell you you’re not qualified, or not call you back for the interview. You don’t have to find the elusive “work-from-home” job, because you can make your own.

🎉You don’t have to kiss anyone else’s ass to get in. All you have to do is start.

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Mic Nz

The Pitfall of Basics of Content Writing

The Pitfall of Basics of Content Writing

What Does the Basics of Content Writing Mean?

Writing articles for the internet requires certain standard abilities and techniques that are essential for productive content writing. If you’re a beginner to article writing and intend to use your articles to have individuals to join your list then you ought to know about the basics of what a report should contain. What you are able to do is stick with the fundamentals and you will not ever fail.

The Nuiances of Basics of Writing

Some completely free things online are good which I use nearly all of them. In reality, lots of people are gonna go to the world wide web to discover additional revenue online. If you know anything about article marketing, you know that it can be a potent technique to bring visitors to your site. Every business would like to find the best services to raise its customer base and connect to the worldwide audience. If you don’t get a thriving organization, you might want to stick to editing and proofreading articles yourself and use the options mentioned previously. If you’re serious about building a very long term organization, then pay heed to the next. An important consideration to keep in mind is that the magazine market is an enterprise.

To be a content writer for a site implies taking a substantial duty to make sure that quality information is created. Websites need content and data for their readers thus, a writer is necessary if a site owner wishes to get regular and updated information in his site. Some websites even offer useful resources. If you publish on your own site or blog, there’s no third-party editorial overview. It is essential that a website gets a higher ranking. Such a website is likely to entice a user’s interest. Online job portals make it possible for jobseekers to have immediate accessibility to different job openings, 24 hours every day, 7 days weekly.

Whatever They Told You About Basics of Content Writing Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

A writer has to work hard in their trade in order to draw visitors to the site also. Although you employ the content writer, it doesn’t mean you need to be bossy and pretend to understand everything about Content Writing. If you wish to be a thriving online content writer, learn all you can about search engine optimization and remain updated.

A writer can create a good Content Development while you will make a great development goal of your organization. A search engine marketing writer can be exceedingly beneficial for internet marketing of a business enterprise. Moreover, when writers take up projects of a particular genre, they ought to stay connected to the hottest developments to have the ability to incorporate them in their writings. Beginning writers are confronted with a lot of challenges since they learn about the work of writing for a living. Employing a professional content writer may give positive input to your business enterprise.

In the majority of cases, your article is going to be listed along with many others. If it contains a compelling title, it will attract more readers. In future Constant Content articles, you will be in a position to branch out, but it is going to most likely be easier on you in case you start simple.

Job posts are detailed and total. Following is a simple outline on how to begin writing articles and getting them published on the web. Tell the reader why you’re writing the write-up and why how they may benefit by reading it. You would like your on-line article writing to be the very best.

Make certain you take the opportunity to check over the Constant Content Writer Guidelines. More so, in case you have none. By way of example, aside of emailing, the two of you may have particular access for calling phone number. The more you give in to their requirements and demands, the more probable you’ll be in a position to make them act on your favor later on. You have to attempt to be as prudent in your pick of words as possible to be able to lend an overall clarity to your article. Before you write your next quality, well-researched article, search for connections who will assist you to market the content. You’re able to immediately improve the caliber of what you write by deciding you’ll take some time for research.

As a web-based auction website, it is possible to even receive the best price for your item. You simply added value to the business. The sole distinctive component in the work description of a writer is an additional task of Search Engine Optimization. One of the chief elements of your article is the title. The on-line application is currently the handiest approach to look and apply for jobs. Furthermore, take the additional effort to turn your client feel special. Low-paying clients may ask for quality”, but they have zero ideas about what quality is, or else they would be well prepared to cover it.

Making Money in this Dynamic Era

Making Money in this Dynamic Era

How can I become rich?

This is a question people ask every day. Just in case you don’t know, we are 7.6 Billion People in the world and population growth won’t stop anytime soon.

World population has been projected to increase by 1 Billion more in the next ten years.

  • Millions of people wake up daily to go about their daily work, and hustle to become rich.
  • Millions are doing/planning to do bad things to become rich.
  • Millions are fighting their way into government positions such as senates, governors, ambassadors, etc. just to be rich.
  • Millions are in school today to find that “secret formula” of becoming rich.


The question you should ask yourself right now is “How can I stand out (become rich) from these 7.6 billion people currently sharing oxygen with me?”




Let me explain using a soccer analogy

This image shows a perfectly leveled field.


  • Which team will win the match?
    • We all know it’s obviously the team with the best
    • Team with the best
    • The team that is stronger, plays faster than their opponent and works hard in pieces of training.

Whether you agree or not, a team consisting of very good professional players will always win over a small secondary school team. You can argue with bet9ja if you disagree though.

And you know what? Millions are still going to school today to master the art of becoming a “professional” football player.


How about this soccer pitch

Which team will win here? This is not a fair game anymore right?

In the world of business, they call it DISRUPTION!

The team on the right now have to go uphill in order to score a goal, while the team on the left just have to make little effort and their opponent’s net will be shaking ‘vigorously’.

What am I trying to explain here?

The WORLD has evolved. The ECONOMY is no longer the way it used to be when we were little.

It would be difficult for you to be wealthy if you still play as normal “football player”.

Learning walks with understanding, and to understand the new “soccer” rules, you have to learn it first.

Learn the new rules of the DIGITAL ERA. Accept the changes happening around you, and develop a new mindset towards things.

Let me explain further 

Hard work doesn’t translate to wealth anymore. LEVERAGE does.

  • Leverage other people’s time.
  • Leverage other people’s talents.
  • Leverage other people’s money.
  • Leverage other people’s accessible tools.

This is the digital age – New game! New rules! New economy!

  • The way wealth is being created has changed. I wasn’t born in the agrarian time age, but research shows that wealth instigated from nature.
  • In the age of information, wealth was coined from Knowledge &

To be rich and wealthy, you must be willing to learn the new rules, understand how the game is played, and most importantly – play the game!   


Choosing The Right Niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2019

Choosing The Right Niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2019

Choosing the right niche is the first step to setting up a successful affiliate marketing business. Click To Tweet

Choosing the right niche by hubmic

Most often, you listen as people talk about affiliate marketing and you begin to assume that is an easy way of earning passive income.

“I can sit on my couch all day while I watch the revenue from affiliate marketing pour in!”

This is the dream of every internet marketer: Making money even while you sleep. We can call it the Bill Gates ‘Syndrome’.

However, who wouldn’t want to earn money even while they are sleeping?

So, the other day one of my college friends reached out to me and was like, “Hiiiii! I need your assistance! I am trying to set-up an online business; affiliate marketing to be precise but I don’t have any idea on what to do and you are the first person that I instantly thought of”.

Whenever I log in Facebook, I see hordes of amazing folks getting on board with this whole affiliate marketing thang, but lack ideas on where/how the **** to commence. (That word was obviously a duck.)

One of the primary problems encountered in affiliate marketing is choosing the right niche. Many internet marketers who hop into affiliate marketing are doing so with the hope of making quite easy money without actually operating or owning the business that offers the product.

It sounds ‘nice’ and ‘incredible’ right? All you need do is mention some products and hyperlink your unique affiliate link to the product.

Then, you use your knowledge on inbound marketing to drive more sales and visitors to the website where your affiliate link and the money starts reeling in.

So instead of making good research on what niche to invest time and energy on, most of my homies have been compelled to figure it out on their own. However, they don’t know what to do at the start, middle, and end of setting up an affiliate business that would let them relax and watch the money roll in. Then they get overwhelmed. In addition, they throw in the towel. Then they starve and possibly go bankrupt too. AND BASICALLY, THESE are ALL MY FAULT.

Muahahaha… I was just kidding about the starving and bankruptcy stuff but I hope you get the point.

The truth is, it’s not easy. Most of these affiliate programs don’t yield enough gains for an internet marketer to sit back and relax.

To start a successful affiliate marketing, you have to choose the right niche. One thing you should bear in mind is, choosing the right niche is not difficult as you may think and it is the most important part when setting up your affiliate marketing business.

Many big platforms will tell you making sufficient income from affiliate marketing is hard but honestly, it isn’t only if you dip into the right niche.

Thankfully, there are still untapped niche-affiliate fields out there that you can invest your time and energy in, for unequaled success. I have found a few of them, which you’re going to see and also learn how to find more by yourself without anyone’s help.

At this point, we would want to believe you already know what affiliate marketing is, but if you don’t, here’s an overview of what affiliate marketing is.

What is Affiliate Marketing all about?

Pat Flynn’s definition of affiliate marketing is my favorite. According to him, “Affiliate marketing is simply the process of earning commissions by promoting products and services sold by other companies (or people). All you need to do is pick a product you like, promote it to potential buyers, and earn a certain percentage from the profit made from selling the product you promoted.”

Affiliate marketing involves multiple individuals grouped into three parts: The advertiser, publisher, and the consumer.

Now that you have learned what affiliate marketing is, let’s head straight to choosing the right niche that may end up being profitable for you as an internet marketer.

Picking the Right Affiliate Niche

Ideally, affiliate marketing can be set up on all blogging niches but not all niches are profitable. Let’s keep our focus on promoting digital products and services.

Why? Because they are easier to promote and you could make a lot of money from them as they are in huge demand day by day. If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, picking the right niche that involves promoting digital products is okay as you can get publishers offering handsome rewards to keep you motivated for marketing their products.

Digital products are not the only niche you could tap into but as a beginner in internet marketing, it is one of the most recommended.

Selecting the Right Audience

But, for you to make money promoting a product, your web audience needs to be interested in what you offer. Click To Tweet

Take for example; if you operate a fashion blog, you stand a chance of making more sales promoting wears from Walmart. Similarly, if you run a tech blog, you could make more commissions promoting tech devices such as phones, computers and other tech-related kinds of stuff.

You’re making more sales because you are promoting products that are much more related to your blog purpose.

Now, don’t expect to make many sales by promoting wedding gowns on a tech blog or promoting web hosting services, phones, or house on a fashion blog. You need to run a blog that will attract the audience that will most probably be interested in what you may have to promote.

Some Samples of Niches/Products to Promote in 2019

If you are going to blog about blogging tips, ideas, and guides, or wishes to blog about website design, you could become an affiliate marketer and promote digital products such web hosting packages, online courses, electronic books, SEO software, website themes, and plugins.

There are handfuls of profitable niches you could pick and make money from them. Specifically, we will not pinpoint what niche it is exactly as almost everything regarding affiliate marketing is experimental but we will teach you how to identify a profitable niche all by yourself without a single doubt if you are choosing the right niche or not.

Sooooo – this time we’re doing something quite different. Instead of leaving Y’all hangin’ which makes us picture something very dirty – we’ve made the conscientious and thoughtful resolution to teach you how to find good niches all by yourself before hopping into affiliate marketing.

You should read our next posts if you:
  • Have no idea on how to get started with picking the right niche for affiliate marketing.
  • What product to promote
  • How to promote these products
  • If you really want to be in control of your schedule
  • Want to be using the computer and internet connection… You sure know how to use a computer right?

I really do believe that success in affiliate marketing is dependent on the niche that you select at the start of your affiliate marketing business – and you know it takes a lot for me to believe in anything especially God.

Selecting the right niche is the Big G of affiliate marketing, and I am so serious about this. (This cannot be taught better. Not even if I added a couple of swear words. Our next post on “detailed guide on how to find a profitable niche in affiliate marketing” is exactly what beginners in internet marketing business need.)