A large number of freelancers I know actually hate selling.

5 easy ways to make your site standout

I am one of those freelancers that hate selling too.

The factors that spark massive procrastination in selling may be the utter contempt for self-promotion, the fear of rejection, lack of confidence in the skill we possess or our abilities, or the idea of selling in-person or on the spot.

Sure, that does not entail we cannot sell a product or service. It just implies we need some sort of assistance.

Placing top-notch content on a site well layered and crafted can really help boost your confidence in selling your services.

So, let’s have an insight on how your site can evolve into being the salesperson for your business – a better salesperson.


Treat your business website like the regular employee that it is

One of the best features your website possesses which you may not be aware of is the fact that it can work for you 24/7/.

Your business website will not call in sick, does not take a break, and is focused on helping you get the results you want. Click To Tweet

But as it is with a regular employee at any organization – your business website won’t perform at its peak if you fail to do certain things such as:

The way and manner you would spend time and attention to improve the effectiveness of an employee, you need to do the same for your business website. In addition, if you want your website to do more for you in areas of sales, then you must set up the framework for it to do just that.


One thing that will help you in getting this right is optimization

Optimization is no biggie. It’s simply improving what you already possess.

To simplify the process of optimizing your site or making any sort of upgrade to your site, you need to know whom you are doing it for.

“Who are your audience?”

When you know and understand “who”, then you can proceed to make necessary upgrades such as persuasive web copy, customer-friendly site design, and hyper-focused blog content that are abnormally helpful to your readers and visitors.

Selling with confidence entails being concise, clear, persuasive, and convincing with some empathy tied around your sleeves.

It is also about showing you are establishing your value and authority to your potential clients and prospects.

Moreover, for freelancers like us who sees selling on-spot or in-person as an uphill task, we may need our website to help us with that legwork in sales.

So here are five, greenways you can tweak your site to be a better sales engine for your business.


  1. Create convincing case studies and highlight your customers’ success stories. Make out time to assemble case studies or testimonials from previous customers. This is an awesome way of providing proof of your business abilities to your potential client(s). Showing them, you are the right person they should hire for their next project.

Testimonials are social proof and it is efficient because you are not tooting your trumpet – your clients’ are.

  1. Create an appealing incentive to attract the right prospects for your business. Content upgrade and lead magnates excellently help in highlighting the solutions your business offers, which may be the answer to the problems of your potential customers visiting your website.

These potential clients may not be ready to patronize your business yet, but you are keeping them hooked with your business through your website.

  1. If you want prospects to reach out to you, then you must make the path clear and easy for them.

Design your contact them that they look appealing. You may also add a persuasive message or questionnaire.

  1. Create a section on your website where you put freebies for your readers. This is an artless method of sharing your knowledge whilst enticing your audience to stick around for more.

These freebies may include your favorite blog content, free templates that are relevant to what your business is all about, eBooks and checklist of useful tools and software you have used or using.

“Freebie” section helps increases user engagement and show them you know your onions.

  1. Personalize your landing page – get personal with it. Customize your landing page to speak directly to your prospects. If you don’t have a landing page, you could check this free landing page guide by CopyBlogger.


In Conclusion

Let your focus be on how to clearly demonstrate your ability in solving your prospects’ problems – that you possess the expertise, and skills to help them crush their problems, and moreover, that they can trust you can get the job done neatly without hassle or making them undergo any form of stress.