If I were an internet guru, “5X your income” would be the subject of this post

If I were an internet guru, “5X your income” would be the subject of this post

🎉I just got back to Abbbuujjjaaa! Because apparently I really like sweating like an over-worked donkey. Or it could be because your favorite dude is here, and we have some serious #couplegoals to accomplish. Like finally getting her to admit that I am a better… NVM. And that the meat in meat pie is quite disgusting.

🎉But I digress. What I really wanted to say is that every time I get on a plane, I’m reminded of just how lucky I am to have so much damn personal freedom to do so… Gosh.. I meant, a train.

🎉What a privilege it is, to be able to go. I didn’t have this trip planned — something came up that necessitated my presence—but all I had to do was hop on Expedia and buy a ticket and roll out the very next morning.

🎉And I take this so very much for granted.

🎉It is an incredible gift, being able to work remotely.

🎉But more than that, I am so grateful for online business, despite hating the term, because it allows any and all of us to *create.

🎉The Internet does not prejudice you, or tell you you’re not qualified, or not call you back for the interview. You don’t have to find the elusive “work-from-home” job, because you can make your own.

🎉You don’t have to kiss anyone else’s ass to get in. All you have to do is start.

🎉I love starting things. I love the Internet. I love online business. I love creating things with my two little fingers, typing on a keyboard.

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🎉In the meantime, I’m going to be over here, sipping on my evening Milo drink, working on that side hustle and trying to convince myself to go out for a walk. (“Go for a walk!” “No, it’s too humid!” “No, it’s not—it’s only 5 Pm!” “But by the time you publish this post and get dressed and leave it’ll be 7 Pm!” “Who cares even if it’s 8Pm?!” “8pm is LATE!” “8PM IS NOT LATE, STOP EXAGGERATING.” “I’m not exaggerating, have you been to Abuja?!) (And as you see, the struggle is real.)


Mic Nz