Copywriting101 – Start Copywriting Even As a Dummy

Copywriting101 – Start Copywriting Even As a Dummy

Top 9 reasons why people buy anything

As a copywriter, you must understand why people buy.

90% of the time, people buy from emotions and justify with logic. Click To Tweet

People buy from the subconscious. You must know how to pull the trigger of emotions.

  1. Fear:

The fear of losing out on a good deal. The fear of falling sick. The fear of going broke. Most persons buy out of the fear of the unknown.

  1. The desire to be known or recognized.

Why do people pay so much for an apple phone? Simple, they want to be known or recognized. One of the major propelling factors of human nature is the desire to stand out, to be admired. Luxury products sell on this. If you have a product or service that makes people stand out, they will buy.

  1. People buy out of love.

Birthday gifts. Wedding gifts. First time lover. People are always buying out of love. 

       4. For Comfort.

people buy because they want to feel comfortable. Whatever will make them comfortable or stress-free. comfortable cars, comfortable sofas… name them.

  1. For Self-improvement.

people buy books, training or courses to become better. You only sign up for a gym because you want to be or look better.

  1. The desire for power.

People buy to feel powerful or in control. People like to tell others what to do. They want to feel like God

  1. Necessities of life

People need food, water, clothes, shelter. More recently, people need gadgets and the internet. Whatever is a necessity always has a market.

  1. Addiction

People will always buy when they are addicted or fond of something. Game addicts, fashion freaks. name them. They all buy because they can’t do without it.

  1. To make a difference.

people want to be significant. People want to leave a name on the sands of time, they want to be influential. Bill Gates is fighting polio and doing other charitable works to make a difference.

Ten ingredients that are necessary for every marketing soup (copy)

You see, writing a copy is a soup and you must put ingredients. Salt, pepper, magi. You need them in Copywriting too

This is a step by step guide and you can use it to start advertising anything from today.

  1. Craft a powerful heading

Your heading must be attention grabbing! It just has to be. You see, people are always busy and exposed to lots of content daily. Your ability to steal their attention is what makes you a great copywriter.

Your heading should be short and precise. don’t try explaining the product or service there. Just hold the person down to read your copy first.


“throw your phone in the trash can if it has not made you money this week ”

“how much will pay for a drink that will never let you die”.

Finally Revealed!/How any dummy can make money writing online.

You can also make it in question form.

How to…

The secrets of…

Who else wants to…


  1. Your first sentence must create intrigue too

When you raise the bar in your heading, your first sentence must carry the same kind of fire and keep them reading on.

See an example.

If I can show you how to double your income by giving me 30 minutes of your time a month, will you like to learn more? ­

I am writing to you because it is a matter of public record that you are having financial problems and I think I have a way to help you.


  1. If you are selling fire extinguishers, show the fire

Show the problem as explicit and clear as possible. people want to know that you understand what they are passing through and you know the terms.

People are very sensitive when it comes to parting with their money, immediately they sense you are writing for the money, zoom, off they go.

You have to explain their problem clearly to them and position yourself as a solution to their problems.


  1. Describe your benefit in detail.

Mention all the benefits they will get but focus on the most important one and explain that one benefit in detail.

Tell them how your product will solve their problems and how you are the next best thing after God and air.

You can mention a few features here. Remember how we said, features are different from benefits. First, start with the benefits before getting to the features.

The benefit of a fire extinguisher is that it will protect a family from loss, the feature is that it comes preloaded and can be put on in seconds.

A feature is *what it is. *

A benefit is what it does


  1. Tell them exactly what they will get from the product.

You can then focus on one important benefit and tell a story around it.

Let them know exactly what they stand to benefit from getting your product.


  1. Tell them the bad thing that will happen if they don’t buy your product now.

Still using our example: We have just 3 fire extinguishers left and we might not get this type till 3 months’ time. I encourage you to make this order now by calling.

We have just 5 limited spots and this training will not hold till next year.

There has to be a sense of urgency.


  1. Include testimonies.

Most times, people tend to be sell proof. Anything you say will be met with skepticism, no matter how compelling your story might be. You need third party testimonies ESPECIALLY from famous and well-respected people.

Eliminate all objections they may have in their mind.

One way I do this too is through FAQs

Use FAQs to answer the fears you think they will have in their mind. 😎


  1. Summarize your offer again.

Rephrase the benefit again. people want to be told things again and again. Remind them what you said the product will do for them again.


  1. Include money back guarantee

People love guarantees. Give it to them.

if the product does not work as I have said, return it and I will give you all of your money.

In one of my copies, I wrote that if after the training, you don’t get ten times the value of your money, tell me and I will give you your money back and add N1,000 to it.

Be moderate though, some people might want to take advantage of this.


  1. Add a call to action.

Tell them to take action now. There has to be a call to action, make payment, call now, subscribe now. they have to do something immediately.

People love to be told what to do. Make them take action or else, the procrastination side will come out and swallow your money.

That’s it…That’s how you write a copy.

But you need to get clients. That’s where freelancing comes in. I…

That will be all.

I hope someone was blessed.

Copywriting101 – Start Copywriting Even As a Dummy

Copywriting101 – Start Copywriting Even As a Dummy

Copywriting should not be confused with “copyrighting.” Click To Tweet

Copyright means an individual or company has the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute someone’s work (such as books, music, artistic items).

The purpose of copyright is to protect that material and prevent illegal use of it by unauthorized agents.

However, copywriting is using written words to make someone buy anything, anywhere at any time you want them to.


It is the process of writing advertising materials.


Copywriters are responsible for the text on billboards, websites, emails, advertisements and lots more

A copywriter is a salesman in print.

You see, copywriting is all about getting the reader to take action.

That action might be to purchase or engage with a product, service, or company…

Copywriting is not a talent. It is a skill – It can be learned by anyone…

It’s not about putting out any kind of word, there is an art to touching people’s emotions and getting them to buy your product… You just have to learn how to use the right words!

What kind of qualifications do you need to be a copywriter?

Zero! There are successful copywriters with university degrees and some who did not finish secondary school. Some copywriters are only 18 and some are retired.

The only thing you need is a computer, a phone, and an Internet connection.

Everything else can be learned. If you can write a letter to a friend, you have all the qualifications you need to get started on Copywriting today.

Gone are those days when we marketers used to beg people to purchase their products, they are in the dispensation of buyers begging them…

Have you ever seen a Doctor begging a patient to be treated? Hehe.

I mean, the Doctor is begging someone who has a terminal disease to do an operation

“I can’t fit happen!”


The patient needs the Doctor more.

When I write copies, people beg me to take their money. And I do shakara for them. LOL.


Where do you find copywriters and what do they do?

  • Copywriters are highly sought after in online and digital marketing. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the rest.
  • Copywriters write the content you see on websites or product descriptions.
  • Copywriters are needed in email marketing for writing and following up emails.
  • Copywriters are needed for writing ads for short videos and various scripts


You can use the skill to best sell any of your products or services.

In fact, if you need happiness in your life, become a copywriter.

You will know how to make people do your bidding. 😁

Characteristics of a good copywriter

  1. You have to be a detective – You must be able to know and describe your customer inside out.

Where do they stay? What are their likes, dislikes, interest?

Just the way we see in detective movies, you must be able to pin your customer on board and provide all the details about him.

You see, it is not about you… It is about them

It is not, I, I, I, I… Nobody cares about you!

Every time a person brings out his money to buy anything, it’s about them… forget it. We are all selfish beings (egocentric).

Know who your customer is and relate with him/her well


  1. You must be creative –You won’t excel much without it. Creativity is thinking outside the box and coming up with strategies, mouthwatering offers and writing compelling copies that will get customers begging you to take their money.

Can you offer people dollars for pennies? That is what copywriters think and do

Will you exchange your 10,000 with me if I promise to give you 1 million?

What if I say, first 10 people to give me 10,000, I will give you 1 million, and I have the capacity to do so…

You will go and borrow it if you do not have…

That is the idea!


  1. You must have a sweet mouth –You must be able to talk so well about your product or service so that anyone who reads or comes across the copy would borrow to pay you.

Have you seen a Nigerian Igbo man market his goods?

You have to bring it into copywriting… You must be able to explain the benefits of your products so well that the customers will feel cheated or feel like he/she will miss out for not getting it


Some common mistakes made by copywriters

  1. Mistake number 1 –

Focusing on the features of a product instead of the benefits of the product.

Basically, people buy things because of the benefits they will derive from it.

People buy benefits, not features… If I am thirsty on a sunny day, I will buy water not because I like the bottle but because it has to quench my thirst.

So, the first mistake most copywriters make is that they focus so much on the features of what they are selling that they focus to show the benefits of the product.


What will attract people to buy is the benefits first before the features.


A feature is what it is A benefit is what it does Click To Tweet


Before you write your next copy, write down ALL the benefits your potential customer will get from the product first, and then write your copy around those benefits.

Benefits like, saves time, saves money, makes you healthier, and reduces stress, you know… and all

Am not saying you should totally ignore the features of the product, No. You have to put them too BUT, don’t focus on them.


  1. Mistake number 2 –

Focusing on yourself, instead of the customer…


Everybody is looking for a way to get more money, not dish out anyhow… So, never make your copy about you but about the person buying.

Do not get carried away with the use of I, I, I, I

I am this, I do this, I used to do this…


There is a place for establishing writer’s credibility but you just have to do it once and get out of the way

Let your copy be about the customer.. Use the magic word you as much as you can.

This is what you stand to gain, this is what you will benefit, this how you can save more cash… Let it be about the person.


  1. Mistake number 3 –

Not building enough credibility and trust.


Do you know that people really want to buy from those/brands they trust and respect?

Sir, coke is number one because they have built a brand that is consistent and people trust them.

Coke in Kurudu tastes the same as coke in Berlin.

One of the hardest things to part ways with is money, especially online. That is why you have to build writer’s credibility especially if they have never heard about you before.

So, you must answer the question, “why should people buy from me?”

What experience do you have in that field? How credible are you? Do you know your onions or are you just looking for money?


For example, My Friend – Emmy – is regarded as the Prince of Copywriting because he knows his onions…


In summary,

“if you know your onions, you will eat your suya...” hehe Click To Tweet


Let us stop here… In our next post, I will give you a systematic guide on how to write a sales copy (With a live example attached).

Thank you.

5 Easy Ways You Could Transform Your Site into a Better “Salesperson”

5 Easy Ways You Could Transform Your Site into a Better “Salesperson”

A large number of freelancers I know actually hate selling.

5 easy ways to make your site standout

I am one of those freelancers that hate selling too.

The factors that spark massive procrastination in selling may be the utter contempt for self-promotion, the fear of rejection, lack of confidence in the skill we possess or our abilities, or the idea of selling in-person or on the spot.

Sure, that does not entail we cannot sell a product or service. It just implies we need some sort of assistance.

Placing top-notch content on a site well layered and crafted can really help boost your confidence in selling your services.

So, let’s have an insight on how your site can evolve into being the salesperson for your business – a better salesperson.


Treat your business website like the regular employee that it is

One of the best features your website possesses which you may not be aware of is the fact that it can work for you 24/7/.

Your business website will not call in sick, does not take a break, and is focused on helping you get the results you want. Click To Tweet

But as it is with a regular employee at any organization – your business website won’t perform at its peak if you fail to do certain things such as:

The way and manner you would spend time and attention to improve the effectiveness of an employee, you need to do the same for your business website. In addition, if you want your website to do more for you in areas of sales, then you must set up the framework for it to do just that.


One thing that will help you in getting this right is optimization

Optimization is no biggie. It’s simply improving what you already possess.

To simplify the process of optimizing your site or making any sort of upgrade to your site, you need to know whom you are doing it for.

“Who are your audience?”

When you know and understand “who”, then you can proceed to make necessary upgrades such as persuasive web copy, customer-friendly site design, and hyper-focused blog content that are abnormally helpful to your readers and visitors.

Selling with confidence entails being concise, clear, persuasive, and convincing with some empathy tied around your sleeves.

It is also about showing you are establishing your value and authority to your potential clients and prospects.

Moreover, for freelancers like us who sees selling on-spot or in-person as an uphill task, we may need our website to help us with that legwork in sales.

So here are five, greenways you can tweak your site to be a better sales engine for your business.


  1. Create convincing case studies and highlight your customers’ success stories. Make out time to assemble case studies or testimonials from previous customers. This is an awesome way of providing proof of your business abilities to your potential client(s). Showing them, you are the right person they should hire for their next project.

Testimonials are social proof and it is efficient because you are not tooting your trumpet – your clients’ are.

  1. Create an appealing incentive to attract the right prospects for your business. Content upgrade and lead magnates excellently help in highlighting the solutions your business offers, which may be the answer to the problems of your potential customers visiting your website.

These potential clients may not be ready to patronize your business yet, but you are keeping them hooked with your business through your website.

  1. If you want prospects to reach out to you, then you must make the path clear and easy for them.

Design your contact them that they look appealing. You may also add a persuasive message or questionnaire.

  1. Create a section on your website where you put freebies for your readers. This is an artless method of sharing your knowledge whilst enticing your audience to stick around for more.

These freebies may include your favorite blog content, free templates that are relevant to what your business is all about, eBooks and checklist of useful tools and software you have used or using.

“Freebie” section helps increases user engagement and show them you know your onions.

  1. Personalize your landing page – get personal with it. Customize your landing page to speak directly to your prospects. If you don’t have a landing page, you could check this free landing page guide by CopyBlogger.


In Conclusion

Let your focus be on how to clearly demonstrate your ability in solving your prospects’ problems – that you possess the expertise, and skills to help them crush their problems, and moreover, that they can trust you can get the job done neatly without hassle or making them undergo any form of stress.

Making Money in this Dynamic Era

Making Money in this Dynamic Era

How can I become rich?

This is a question people ask every day. Just in case you don’t know, we are 7.6 Billion People in the world and population growth won’t stop anytime soon.

World population has been projected to increase by 1 Billion more in the next ten years.

  • Millions of people wake up daily to go about their daily work, and hustle to become rich.
  • Millions are doing/planning to do bad things to become rich.
  • Millions are fighting their way into government positions such as senates, governors, ambassadors, etc. just to be rich.
  • Millions are in school today to find that “secret formula” of becoming rich.


The question you should ask yourself right now is “How can I stand out (become rich) from these 7.6 billion people currently sharing oxygen with me?”




Let me explain using a soccer analogy

This image shows a perfectly leveled field.


  • Which team will win the match?
    • We all know it’s obviously the team with the best
    • Team with the best
    • The team that is stronger, plays faster than their opponent and works hard in pieces of training.

Whether you agree or not, a team consisting of very good professional players will always win over a small secondary school team. You can argue with bet9ja if you disagree though.

And you know what? Millions are still going to school today to master the art of becoming a “professional” football player.


How about this soccer pitch

Which team will win here? This is not a fair game anymore right?

In the world of business, they call it DISRUPTION!

The team on the right now have to go uphill in order to score a goal, while the team on the left just have to make little effort and their opponent’s net will be shaking ‘vigorously’.

What am I trying to explain here?

The WORLD has evolved. The ECONOMY is no longer the way it used to be when we were little.

It would be difficult for you to be wealthy if you still play as normal “football player”.

Learning walks with understanding, and to understand the new “soccer” rules, you have to learn it first.

Learn the new rules of the DIGITAL ERA. Accept the changes happening around you, and develop a new mindset towards things.

Let me explain further 

Hard work doesn’t translate to wealth anymore. LEVERAGE does.

  • Leverage other people’s time.
  • Leverage other people’s talents.
  • Leverage other people’s money.
  • Leverage other people’s accessible tools.

This is the digital age – New game! New rules! New economy!

  • The way wealth is being created has changed. I wasn’t born in the agrarian time age, but research shows that wealth instigated from nature.
  • In the age of information, wealth was coined from Knowledge &

To be rich and wealthy, you must be willing to learn the new rules, understand how the game is played, and most importantly – play the game!   


Choosing The Right Niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2019

Choosing The Right Niche for Affiliate Marketing in 2019

Choosing the right niche is the first step to setting up a successful affiliate marketing business. Click To Tweet

Choosing the right niche by hubmic

Most often, you listen as people talk about affiliate marketing and you begin to assume that is an easy way of earning passive income.

“I can sit on my couch all day while I watch the revenue from affiliate marketing pour in!”

This is the dream of every internet marketer: Making money even while you sleep. We can call it the Bill Gates ‘Syndrome’.

However, who wouldn’t want to earn money even while they are sleeping?

So, the other day one of my college friends reached out to me and was like, “Hiiiii! I need your assistance! I am trying to set-up an online business; affiliate marketing to be precise but I don’t have any idea on what to do and you are the first person that I instantly thought of”.

Whenever I log in Facebook, I see hordes of amazing folks getting on board with this whole affiliate marketing thang, but lack ideas on where/how the **** to commence. (That word was obviously a duck.)

One of the primary problems encountered in affiliate marketing is choosing the right niche. Many internet marketers who hop into affiliate marketing are doing so with the hope of making quite easy money without actually operating or owning the business that offers the product.

It sounds ‘nice’ and ‘incredible’ right? All you need do is mention some products and hyperlink your unique affiliate link to the product.

Then, you use your knowledge on inbound marketing to drive more sales and visitors to the website where your affiliate link and the money starts reeling in.

So instead of making good research on what niche to invest time and energy on, most of my homies have been compelled to figure it out on their own. However, they don’t know what to do at the start, middle, and end of setting up an affiliate business that would let them relax and watch the money roll in. Then they get overwhelmed. In addition, they throw in the towel. Then they starve and possibly go bankrupt too. AND BASICALLY, THESE are ALL MY FAULT.

Muahahaha… I was just kidding about the starving and bankruptcy stuff but I hope you get the point.

The truth is, it’s not easy. Most of these affiliate programs don’t yield enough gains for an internet marketer to sit back and relax.

To start a successful affiliate marketing, you have to choose the right niche. One thing you should bear in mind is, choosing the right niche is not difficult as you may think and it is the most important part when setting up your affiliate marketing business.

Many big platforms will tell you making sufficient income from affiliate marketing is hard but honestly, it isn’t only if you dip into the right niche.

Thankfully, there are still untapped niche-affiliate fields out there that you can invest your time and energy in, for unequaled success. I have found a few of them, which you’re going to see and also learn how to find more by yourself without anyone’s help.

At this point, we would want to believe you already know what affiliate marketing is, but if you don’t, here’s an overview of what affiliate marketing is.

What is Affiliate Marketing all about?

Pat Flynn’s definition of affiliate marketing is my favorite. According to him, “Affiliate marketing is simply the process of earning commissions by promoting products and services sold by other companies (or people). All you need to do is pick a product you like, promote it to potential buyers, and earn a certain percentage from the profit made from selling the product you promoted.”

Affiliate marketing involves multiple individuals grouped into three parts: The advertiser, publisher, and the consumer.

Now that you have learned what affiliate marketing is, let’s head straight to choosing the right niche that may end up being profitable for you as an internet marketer.

Picking the Right Affiliate Niche

Ideally, affiliate marketing can be set up on all blogging niches but not all niches are profitable. Let’s keep our focus on promoting digital products and services.

Why? Because they are easier to promote and you could make a lot of money from them as they are in huge demand day by day. If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, picking the right niche that involves promoting digital products is okay as you can get publishers offering handsome rewards to keep you motivated for marketing their products.

Digital products are not the only niche you could tap into but as a beginner in internet marketing, it is one of the most recommended.

Selecting the Right Audience

But, for you to make money promoting a product, your web audience needs to be interested in what you offer. Click To Tweet

Take for example; if you operate a fashion blog, you stand a chance of making more sales promoting wears from Walmart. Similarly, if you run a tech blog, you could make more commissions promoting tech devices such as phones, computers and other tech-related kinds of stuff.

You’re making more sales because you are promoting products that are much more related to your blog purpose.

Now, don’t expect to make many sales by promoting wedding gowns on a tech blog or promoting web hosting services, phones, or house on a fashion blog. You need to run a blog that will attract the audience that will most probably be interested in what you may have to promote.

Some Samples of Niches/Products to Promote in 2019

If you are going to blog about blogging tips, ideas, and guides, or wishes to blog about website design, you could become an affiliate marketer and promote digital products such web hosting packages, online courses, electronic books, SEO software, website themes, and plugins.

There are handfuls of profitable niches you could pick and make money from them. Specifically, we will not pinpoint what niche it is exactly as almost everything regarding affiliate marketing is experimental but we will teach you how to identify a profitable niche all by yourself without a single doubt if you are choosing the right niche or not.

Sooooo – this time we’re doing something quite different. Instead of leaving Y’all hangin’ which makes us picture something very dirty – we’ve made the conscientious and thoughtful resolution to teach you how to find good niches all by yourself before hopping into affiliate marketing.

You should read our next posts if you:
  • Have no idea on how to get started with picking the right niche for affiliate marketing.
  • What product to promote
  • How to promote these products
  • If you really want to be in control of your schedule
  • Want to be using the computer and internet connection… You sure know how to use a computer right?

I really do believe that success in affiliate marketing is dependent on the niche that you select at the start of your affiliate marketing business – and you know it takes a lot for me to believe in anything especially God.

Selecting the right niche is the Big G of affiliate marketing, and I am so serious about this. (This cannot be taught better. Not even if I added a couple of swear words. Our next post on “detailed guide on how to find a profitable niche in affiliate marketing” is exactly what beginners in internet marketing business need.)